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Matt Kaiser to Speak at the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics Bi-Annual Symposium

On Friday, April 5th, founding partner Matt Kaiser will be a speaker at the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics Bi-Annual Symposium. The symposium aims to address emerging challenges within the realm of legal ethics, facilitating discussions on various topics with esteemed authors and distinguished experts in the field of legal ethics.

Matt will join a panel discussion on Abdi Aidid’s “Juridification and Regulating the Modern Lawyer”, alongside Professor Abdi Aidid and Julia Porter. The aim of the discussion is to emphasize a notable gap in legal ethics: its failure to grapple with the effects of juridification.

Besides Matt’s tenure teaching professional responsibility at Georgetown University Law Center, he has also made substantial contributions to the legal ethics domain. He served as a member of the D.C. Board on Professional Responsibility, where he held the Chair position for three years. Matt remains actively engaged in numerous local, national, and international bar committees dedicated to legal ethics and white-collar criminal defense.