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Kaiser Recognized in News Outlets Regarding Whistleblower Settlement of Over $377 Million Against Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Kaiser PLLC represented whistleblower Sarah Feinberg in a False Claims qui tam case against government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.  Booz Allen reached a settlement with the government amounting to $377,453,150.  This resolution is one of the largest procurement fraud settlements in US history.  This settlement entitled Kaiser’s extraordinary client to an award of $69,828,832.

Below are some news articles with more information about the case:

NBC – “‘Doing the right thing’ was worth $40 million to this Marine veteran and mother of three”

The Washington Post – “How a whistleblower says Booz Allen Hamilton defrauded the government” 

The Washington Times – “Booz Allen to pay over $377 million to settle allegations of False Claims Act violations” 

Business Insider – “Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation Pays Over $377 Million To Settle Whistleblower Fraud Allegations” 

Daily Mail – “Marine veteran Sarah Feinberg who tried to stop Booz Allen defense contractor from defrauding taxpayers is awarded $69 MILLION of the $377 million restitution the firm is ordered to pay under little-known law”