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Kaiser is Hiring

Kaiser PLLC, a litigation boutique in Washington, DC, is considering hiring an additional attorney, likely with several years of post-law school experience. Please check out our webpage, for more information about us.

Lawyers at our firm do high-quality legal work that matters deeply in the lives of our clients. Our clients hire us because something has happened that has the potential to derail their future; the work we do is personal. And because we staff our cases leanly, each of our lawyers gets meaningful hands-on experience and substantial time with our clients. Our lawyers develop and exercise professional judgement about their cases. We work to get them stand-up experience in court. Perhaps more importantly, we like each other and like working with each other. We work hard to be a place where someone can be an excellent lawyer and maintain a meaningful life outside the firm. To keep this core piece of who we are, we want to hire good people with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, who also happen to be great lawyers.

We also invest in our people. Aside from the usual employee benefits, we pay for business development coaching for every lawyer at the firm who wants it. We also offer a sabbatical program, again in service of attracting and retaining the best lawyers.

We are selective about who we hire. Our lawyers have done well at the best law schools in the country and often have clerkship and/or government experience. We are very particular about the written product that goes out of the firm. And our lawyers must have the emotional sensitivity and intelligence to be present with our clients during some of the worst times in our clients’ lives.

Our office is in downtown Washington, D.C. D.C. Bar membership or the ability to waive into the D.C. Bar is required.

If you are interested in applying, please provide a cover letter, resume, law school transcript, and writing sample by emailing to our Chief Operating Officer, Susan Geiger, at